About RK Padmanabha

Amazingly gifted vocalist,Ganakalabushana Vidwan R K Padmanabha , who traces his roots back to the town of rudrapatna,undoubtedly has emerged as one of the most sort after musicians today.Having blessed by the great Vadiraja Swami,he stands as a musician with a unique persona.His exceptional music talents and extraordinary acumen has sweeped all his fellow musicians and critics off their feet .His vibrant and mesmarizing voice,unrivalled rendition of ragas and pallavis,swara sancharas add to the beauty of his music.His music is a perfect blend of emotive appeal,incredible virtuosity,technical mastery,sophistication and divinity.He has mesmarized music lovers across the state by his musicianship.

The grandeur of anything is best felt when there is an element of on’s individuality in it.This has been proven time and again by Ganakalabushana Vidwan R K Padmanabha.And no,its not just his music that he is passionate about,but every other project that he ventures into.He has carved a niche for himself in all the possible domains including theatre, literature, teaching, lecture demonstrations and promotion of music.He is truly a multi faceted personality.

An innovative composer

RKP has gained popularity as an innovative composer with more than 350 kritis in his name.Added to this,he holds the credit for composing kritis in all the 72 melakarta ragas.The substance and quality of his works are held in great regard across the state.His core objective is to propagate music philosophy and to instil the essence of carnatic music in the heart of every common man.RKP has been actively involved in theatre and in the dramatisation of his own plays;featuring as purandaradasa,vadiraja and a few others in the same.

A pioneer of the ghosti gayana(choral singing)

He is also a pioneer of the ghosti gayana(choral singing).He has inexplicably trained more than 1000 students to render classical compositions of the trinities,haridasas etc.The ghosti headed by him is the largest of its kind in the country and is capable of rendering even the most complex compositions like navavarna,navagraha and pancharatna in unison or perfect harmony with a perfect grip over the raga and laya.

Apart from this,he has also trained a lot of young artistes who now are the sole protectors of this genre’s unique beauty.RKP’s myriad idea of creating a remarkable monument for the field of music ,a tambura shaped architectural beauty,the saptswara dyana mandira,deserves every sense of appreciation and praise.This idea has been executed in the clean environs of rudrapatna and has gone on records too.The monument incorporates every aspect of the instrument itself and the saptaswaras.Equally unconventional and unsual is the ‘nada pooje’ which culminates into a lyrical introduction of a few noted music composers.RKP has re-invented a distinct cultural and devotional aspect of music through the same.

Its musicians like him who try to preserve and spread the rich cultural heritage of classical music,in all its glory.Laurels kept following him right from the start.But,its his extraordinary persona that makes this towering personality the best in the country today.


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